Shopping Cart System
Free and open source



Six910 is a free open source shopping cart written in Go language.


Sites Using Six910 (Motorcycle) 
With Six910, you get many features free that come with a price on other carts. Here are just a few:
Easy Templates
Six910 makes it easy to build a custom e-commerce site that is easy to maintain and modify. You can easily add menus, page text and modify CSS on a template using the cart admin dashboard. Official templates are build with Bootstrap.
Six910 comes with built in SEO including Rich Results built into each product page. The built in features help you get a better site ranking. There is also a site map generator that automatically builds the sitemap.xml for you site.
Product Integration 

Six910 makes it easy to upload product files and images. You can even upload partial product files that contain only some of the product information. That comes in handy when dealing with suppliers that provide multiple files for one product.

Importing product data into Six910 is explained here.


Site Backup

Never lose you site content because Six910 lets you save all site content, templates, images and more into one binary file. You can easily upload that backup file and restore the site when needed. That backup file does not include product information, that is stored in the main MySQL database and is backed up there.