Six910 consist of three parts, the MySQL database, the back-end REST services and the UI. The UI and the REST back-end are available as Docker images. Follow these steps to install Six910:

Install Steps:

  1. Get the database schema here and install on a MySQL server.
  2. Get the REST back-end here and install on a docker server.
  3. Get the UI here and install on a docker server.

Docker environment variable must be set on both the back-end and the UI. They are:

REST back-end environment variables

  1. SIX910_DB_HOST is the database IP address or host name
  2. SIX910_DB_USER is the database username
  3. SIX910_DB_PASSWORD is the database password
  4. SIX910_DB_DATABASE=six910 is the database name
  5. SIX910_API_KEY is the API key used for some services and can be any long string of characters and numbers

 UI environment variables

  1. API_URL is the URL of the REST back-end install in step 2
  2. API_KEY is the same API key used on the back-end
  3. EMAIL_HOST is the email host used to send emails
  4. EMAIL_USER is the email server username
  5. EMAIL_PASSWORD is the email server password
  6. EMAIL_PORT is the email port used
  7. MAIL_SENDER_ADDRESS is the email address used when sending emails
  8. MAIL_SUBJECT_ORDER_RECEIVED is a custom email subject used for order emails
  9. COMPANY_NAME is the name of your company or cart site used in emails
  10. SIX910_CART_SITE_URL is the site URL used when generating sitemap.xml


Logging in to Six910 

Log into the admin section of your cart using the following steps

  1. Go to http://yoursiteaddress/admin
  2. Use default username admin
  3. Us default password admin
  4. Change the password to something secure.


 Admin Dashboard

This is a the admin dashboard that you should see after login:




Site Screen

Press the View Site button and see the site: